My Life


Life feels all blue all of a sudden ,

When it was just about to summon.

I feel lost somewhere in between ,

And i find it difficult to get in track again .

My Home is where my life lies ,

To where I run to find the bliss .

I could still feel our little footsteps around ,

We were happy being home bound .

Content in our own little world ,

Enjoying the sloppy kisses and cuddles in the cold .

This home isn’t home without your presence ,

I am trying so hard to keep the balance .

The clock is ticking , no one knows what will happen tomorrow ,

I wish I could turn back the clock , to overcome my sorrow .


RD 🤪


To Baby , with love Mommy

Dec 21st 2015

‘ Excited ‘ when my beta Hcg came out to be so high’s almost 8 weeks omg 😳Thats the day I came to know “you” tiny little one was growing inside me , I was on cloud 9 , but I wasn’t sure whether it was really you or a hydatiform mole lol😝

I thought to keep it a secret because I really thought it wasn’t you , since we have been waiting for you all these years but I guess u came in when we stopped thinking and worrying about when you would actually come 😁 !

I spilled the beans to your aunt, whom I felt was the most awesome person to share this little secret of mine ! Thug life ..she  yelled it out loud so that your granny could hear But it felt good to say am pregnant finally!🤓

I wanted to say about you to your daddy too but he was miles and miles away from me !

I dropped in a picture message to give him a clue about your arrival and that was my birthday surprise for him, the very next day 🙂 Another great day of my life , a day your daddy was born to give you to me.


Jan 18th 2016

My first doctor appointment was almost at 10 weeks , my first scan . I heard your heart beat and I finally knew it was true , that u were growing inside my womb 🙂 I was so happy hearing your first heart beat 😊.

But it wasn’t so easy , adjusting with the retching , food aversions , morning sickness the stress and the sleepless night duties out there in my pg life.Life was pretty hard being alone.But your aunt took real good care of me and you , she cooked for me , pampered me and showered all her love on me ! And Mommy had a very good friend out there to help me with the hectic day duties and exhausting night duties.Even the boss was considerate .

Feb 13 th 2016

My first bday with you 😊.We celebrated it with your grand Ma and Pa

March 8th

Anomaly scan

The most scariest day in my life !

I kept close my little lucky idol of small Vignesh all throughout my scan , so that they would not find any congenital anomalies in you 😳

Thank you God 🙂 You look healthy to them!

April 8th 2016

Our 4th wedding anniversary

Baby , four years back today your daddy and mommy started our life together! Lots of love, fights and more love 😊

Our love to have you started one year later , cause we thought we weren’t prepared to have you earlier (I would tell u the reason if u ask me any day  )but little did we know that the war just started , and we would have to wait for a long time to have you little one😊

Your other grandmother and grandfather came in to look after me and you , just in time , so that you would be able to have some good food and put on some grams of weight 😊😉

Day by day it was getting harder to work ! Those Backaches , bloatings , urinary incontinences , constipation , gastritis and fatigue didn’t turn me down. I was getting myself prepared to take care of you , whatever happens to me 🙂

May 1st 2016

I relocated back to your daddy s home , so that I could give u more time and to feel your thuds and kicks ! I never could feel u much during those tiring days at hospital.

Oh baby why are u awake more at night ? Are u more comfortable when I lie on my left lateral position !?

My tummy was so small , so people even thought it was my fat deposited down there.Oh ! baby , that was the most embarrassing thing ever 😳.

I was worried whether you are underweight or whether the amniotic fluid not adequate for you to swim around 🤔

But everything was fine , I reassured myself .

May 30 th 2016

Your daddy is finally back home !

He was so happy to see the bump and the little you inside , he found it really hard to feel you initially 😊. He is waiting for you here to take you out , pamper you and love you with all his might✌🏽

But baby don’t forget that you have got two lonely souls 3 hours away from here , who loves you more than anyone could ever love you ! Your mommy s life is back there :0

I wish you to be like your Daddy, when u grow up 🐾

God bless u my baby 👼🏼

And finally my sunshine was born on July 26  2016.

* To My Mom *

I wish I was there with u , during this most toughest phase of life called ” Pregnancy ”

Only you could feel the real me , not letting me down with my emotional incontinences , pregnancy fears and post partum insecurities !

As every decently obsessive woman has, I’ve been through my fair share of pregnancy scares and fantasies….

Lots of Luv ,

A New Mom



A world full of love – Eternal Love

To You , From Me .


I met you for the first time on a Wednesday in the month of march , on our parents 6th wedding anniversary , your arrival made it double special for me 🙂

I remember hanging on to the bus very excited to meet you !

I still remember how curious I was to see your chubby little cheeks , your double chins and angelic eyes !

I remember growing up with you but time was never enough for me to be around u !

I remember pulling you down from the old chair at granny’s place , omg , I still remember u getting nearly electrocuted , listening to me ! I also remember how our much awaited guruvayoor trip got cancelled when u got dual injuries , the fractured forearm and the deep wound on your nose, the scar which u have on your nose still reminds me of that day ! And not to forget dad’s thuds for breaking your slippers ,for getting a brand new one ! Everything still engraved in my heart and brain , still as fresh as it was ! Good Old Days …

How I remember stealing your ice creams , cakes and chocolates , and ah even your toys …

Whenever bad things happened to our family , u gave me strength and hope ! Without you by my side I would have shattered off ! I thrived on you mentally and physically !!!

You were with me during all my up’s and down’s , happiness and sadness !

I still hate people who have ever made u cry but I wonder how you still don’t have any complaints with any of them !

I still remember how I got fierce when your tuition teacher , used a stick to beat u ! (I don’t know whether u still remember ,but I can still feel that fierce little me back then )

I realised I cannot live without you when u moved in with me during our em residency , u were the only sane person I have come across in my entire life !

U were there with me during my tough days of pregnancy , I made my baby listen to you all the time , so that he would recognise you more than me when he come out !

U took good care of both of us

I was sad that u weren’t there during my delivery , but I wanted you to see him before anyone ..because he was your naughty boy .

And one fine day , you got hitched away from me … I was indeed happy for you for getting a guy good as my brother-in-law but at the same time , I felt jealous of him for having you for rest of his life , snatching you away and for taking you far far away from me.How much am I going to miss you ?Whom will i lean on to when am down ?Whom would I share my thoughts?Who will take care of me when am sick ?Who will make tea for me ? Who will take care of Milan ?Whom will I threw my tantrums !?

But my naughty boy was lucky enough to spend his first year with you.Time flew before I knew and it was already one year !

He will miss growing up with u .You should see that twinkle in his eyes when he sees you !

If anything ever happens to me, do take care of him more than I did . And am sure you would without any doubt .

I never could care for you like you did .I never could realise your worth , when you were around . You were so very selfless !

I cannot be like you ever in my life and I’ll never have a sister like you .U are the most precious person in my life and without any doubt the strongest person as well !

When I remember the good old days , I wish to go back to enjoy all those special moments again !

Time was never enough to be with you.

Right this moment I feel like a bird whose wings have been cut off for ever !

I will miss u very much

I love you forever and till eternity !



Seasons to Reason

I had no words left to say .

When it’s all blue and grey !

Am tired of being sad..

When I have no reason to be glad !

Many things hurts me , like it breaks me .

It isn’t easy for anyone but you , to read my mind ..

Even though you act so blind !

Is it too much to think that you would never break my expectations ?

I know you’re trying , but the fact is that your life is full of calculations !

But you are perfect in your own way …

And I understand it even before you say !

I should be proud that you do things for me that you have never done before …

And that’s more than enough for me to adore !

May be am not content ..

And if am not , I will repent !

Silence isn’t empty

When answers are plenty !

Relationships are complicated….

And it will always keeps me Intoxicated !

Everything happens for a reason …

And life keeps changing every season …


RD 🤪