One fine day , I saw IT and i freaked out

Often did I caught IT sneaking out thereafter .

Finally IT decided to hold on to my life till eternity .

How much I have despised IT from the very beginning !

Is it the stress or the age ?

May be both hitting me together .

They say IT means Power and Respect

But I say IT is making me insecure

Is this Midlife crisis ?

Before I knew , we became one

I believe IT is a gift of the wisdom and intelligence I have gained in life .

IT is inevitable in my life

Can u guess what is IT here ?

IT is the strands of Silver Glitter

The Wisdom Highlights ,my new grey hair

RD 🤪

Pic Courtesy : My little sister

🌈 Hello , 2020 ! 🌈


This New Year’s Eve , unlike others enjoying the midnight hush , fury and fireworks, my day started at my workplace , expecting it to be super busy with too many trauma cases like last New Years . But confident enough to manage through all of it , moreover trusting on the people alongside .

Those who work on New Years Eve , where all others are having fun outside deserves something very special. So , here I go , sticking these beautiful glittery colourful little stars to all the stars who are working on a big day like a star 🌟 They accepted my starry concept much better than I thought, and they kept asking for more .Those tiny little stars made them feel special .Its the little things in life that matters the most .

When the clock striked 12 , we celebrated our New year with smiles , happiness and togetherness . Our New year cake was looking too plain , so we stacked it one over one another , filled with mouth melting gooey soan pappadi and colourful sweet balls which I sneaked from home .And there it goes , our cake was a hit .It was the best cake anyone have ever had .And it was indeed a good start .

Unlike other New Years , road traffic accidents were very less this year , may be because the cops really did work hard last night or the people managed to drive in safely or the power of prayers of family or God’s grace for a healthy New Years.Only bad thing that happened was , that we could not revive an elderly man who was brought in to our emergency room gasping .We did really try our best .It was disheartening to tell the demise , to his relatives, it broke my heart.And a Swiggy boy , who was wheeled in a deep degloving injury to his foot .Poor guy , he was working too just like us , on a New Years and all he got was pain and loss . And that was the last case we had that day …

I was planning to have a digital detox and a vegan diet this New Years for a change .And I did keep the thing on till next day .Kudos to me , I never knew I could hold on to something this hard .All I wished for New Years, were the very few people who were really special to me .

Ah forget the sunrises , that was one of my new year plans, to wake up for sunrises .i would better change it to sunsets .Works great for me , the sunsets rather than the sunrises .I cannot be a morning person at all.

Woke up hearing my dear friend saying , drive through sunrise hospital , to watch sunrise and I could barely control my laughter .Prioritized my breakfast today for a change .Headed back home happily to celebrate the rest of the day with my little googoogaga with a superman pin.

As planned , I took out the small cake which I brought last day , tried my best to make whipped cream like a pro , though it was my very first time .Finally all I could do was to pour it all over the cake as if it’s some new idea , decorated it with the sugar balls and chocolate powder to impress him and his little friend .The cake was over in seconds .I felt proud , thinking that it’s easier to impress these little guys .

I wanted to do something special for new year like last time , when I did my nose pierced out of blue .Thought of getting a clover leaf tattooed, so that I’ll keep a little luck all along ( my wierd thoughts ) .But living on the edge , doesn’t work at times.And finally Dreamcatcher gave me an appointment scheduled at the earliest on Saturday.

Thinking of the next plan , for a change we drove to Vypin beach , to see the sunset and to enjoy the beach bliss.It was a long way through the long rally against modi.We enjoyed the beach , made sandcastles , made a little mermaid out of his legs , jumped the waves. Ah that’s after hearing about the Brazilian new year tradition – that’s says , in Brazil, if you’re at the beach when midnight comes around , you must jump 7 waves and throw white flowers on the beach to start the new year with Luck, Happiness and Prosperity. It is believed that the goddess of the sea will make their wishes come true.Oh ,I just love the beach vibes .

Finally we headed back home , my baby enjoyed his naked car drive after the beachy evening .Had a vegan dinner as planned and reached home .And drowned in my sleep as early as I could forgetting the fact that I had a phone with full charge (unlike rest of the days ) and an active internet.

It was good to have a digital detox once a while , to live life peacefully with your loved ones.I had a great day giving 💯% in everything without any distractions.I hope this 2020 will bring peace to me and everyone around .

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

To the old, long life and treasure; to the young, all health and pleasure.

Happy 2020

Resolutions : 2020 Thrives


• Conquer an everyday fear

• Drive safe < 80 km/hr max

• Digital detox for a day every week

• Go vegan for 15 days

• Watch the sunrise at least once a week

• Prioritise breakfast

• Pick a time to wake up and stick to it except sundays

• Quit one bad habit

• Embrace spirituality

• Believe in yourself

RD 🤪


The TWINKLE in our Eyes


Hey , you two , Seasons change

Your eternal love is in every Page .

We move to another horizon ,

Leaving you behind forgotten .

Years pass by , you grow old,

Still Shining as bright as gold.

You taught us to stay positive

Each time when problems,are up at our sleeve.

You taught us to believe,

Whenever life goes upside down , to be brave .

Blessed are we to have you all along ,

And it’s in your heart where we belong.

Your Love keeps us alive,

Since the day we arrived.

Life is beautiful with you two ,

With a pocketful of Sunshine .


Dec 09/2019

The Psilocybin Mushrooms


Looking for a woman who is truly “out of this world”? Congratulations, you’ve found her in the Aquarius woman!

Don’t fall in love with an Aquarius because they aren’t like anyone else. Some call them weird but beating to their own drum is just what they are good at .

They are someone who will teach you it’s okay to be different. They don’t care about people watching them, they just care about having fun and laughing and enjoying life.

Don’t fall in love with an Aquarius unless you are ready to date someone who is a little bit of a child. Someone who hasn’t forgotten what is actually important in life. They are someone who will make you burst out laughing in moments where it’s socially acceptable to be quiet. They are someone who will teach what it’s like to just live in their own type of world.

Don’t fall in love with an Aquarius unless you’re willing to be with someone who is a little less conventional. Someone who doesn’t have a plan and is okay with it. They will always be the one following their heart even if it seems like a terrible idea.

They are really stubborn and once they set their mind to something they don’t change it. Once they form an opinion about someone that’s it for them.

Don’t fall in love with an Aquarius unless you can give them their independence and freedom. They are the type of person who needs a long leash. But trust that they will always come back.

While they follow their heart and listen to it always they struggle in clearly articulating problems or conflicts. They aren’t confrontational so instead of talking about an issue, they will become silent or distant. You have to be the type of person who learns how to read them.

Don’t fall in love with an Aquarius unless you have thick skin. They are very sarcastic. Oftentimes they use it as a defense mechanism but that’s who they are.

Don’t fall in love with an Aquarius because they see the world very differently than most. And they’ll see you differently. What you see as flaws they see as beauty. What you see as mistakes they see as opportunities to learn. They are always looking at the glass half full and they’ll help you to see things that way.

Don’t fall in love with an Aquarius unless you’re ready for the adventure of your life.You will never feel bored while exploring her, because you will never end up exploring her .

She is often detached from rest of the world . Seems like they live in a dream world,but when in reality she knows more about you than you know of yourself.Her intuitions will drive you crazy .

She is WATER , powerful enough to drown you, soft enough to cleanse you , deep enough to save you ~~

My Life


Life feels all blue all of a sudden ,

When it was just about to summon.

I feel lost somewhere in between ,

And i find it difficult to get in track again .

My Home is where my life lies ,

To where I run to find the bliss .

I could still feel our little footsteps around ,

We were happy being home bound .

Content in our own little world ,

Enjoying the sloppy kisses and cuddles in the cold .

This home isn’t home without your presence ,

I am trying so hard to keep the balance .

The clock is ticking , no one knows what will happen tomorrow ,

I wish I could turn back the clock , to overcome my sorrow .


RD 🤪

Living on the Edge !

It’s all about faith ,

Trusting in your zenith

Life’s so unpredictable,

Lives been miserable

I have come a long way in a stretch

Pushing my limits until I reached the Edge

Emotions running high

Life is a big fat lie

Wish I could ever drop this mask

Be myself , before anyone could ever ask .

Ah ! Life has been so damn messy

And also it’s been more than merry

With Surprises and Suspenses

Bit of Success and More Failures

Love and more love

Hatred and more hatred .

Live like there is no tomorrow

Every single day , with the life I borrow

Life hasn’t always been perfect ,

And neither been consistent & persistent .

It’s been difficult surviving on the edge,

And it’s been fun too living on the edge …..

RD 🤪